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I’ve added episode stills for final four episodes of Rizzoli & Isles season 4 into the gallery. Also, I’ve added the episode descriptions to the final four episodes of season 4 under a read more. Please credit us kindly if you are posting these anywhere else. Thank you.

Rizzoli & Isles > Season 4 > Episode Stills > 4×13 – Tears of a Clown
Rizzoli & Isles > Season 4 > Episode Stills > 4×14 – Just Push Play
Rizzoli & Isles > Season 4 > Episode Stills > 4×15 – Food For Thought
Rizzoli & Isles > Season 4 > Episode Stills > 4×16 – You’re Gonna Miss Me When I’m Gone
Rizzoli & Isles > Season 4 > Behind The Scenes > BTS – 4×13 – Tears Of A Clown
Rizzoli & Isles > Season 4 > Behind The Scenes > BTS – 4×14 – Just Push Play

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Throughout January, Human Trafficking Awareness Month, FieldNotes and the End Trafficking project are running a series of posts on child trafficking.
UNICEF Ambassador Angie Harmon is a passionate spokesperson for UNICEF USA’s End Trafficking Project. She traveled last week to Nicaragua where UNICEF is fighting to protect children from sexual exploitation and keep them out of the hands of traffickers.
UNICEF USA interviewed Ms. Harmon about her visit and UNICEF’s work to prevent child trafficking in Nicaragua.

Was this your first visit to Nicaragua? What were your impressions of the country?
Angie Harmon: Yes, and my impressions are — wow, a beautiful place with incredible people. We traveled all over, Managua, the capital; Bluefields on the Caribbean coast, San Lucas in the north, near the border with Honduras. I encountered the most giving, compassionate people. I was struck by the sheer numbers of young people; nearly half the population is under 23.

Why are children and teens in Nicaragua at high risk for trafficking?
Harmon: Poverty, of course, is always a key. In Mangagua, I saw kids made to work in the street for money. I saw women in Bluefields scouring through landfills, sifting through garbage trying to find food and things to sell.

Half of all children in rural areas are poor, often very poor. And you’ve also got a lack of education and lack of access to information. The country has two borders — children can be transited easily — and a lot of tourists, some of whom sexually exploit children.

These factors combine to make many children and teens vulnerable to the promise of traffickers. Girls are recruited in rural areas to work in urban areas. Then they’re forced into prostitution.

Tell me about the children you met.
Harmon: I met adolescents who lived through some of the most horrific circumstances imaginable, including two 11-year-old girls who had been sexually exploited. But I didn’t see victims, I saw survivors. I was awed by their strength and desire to help not only themselves, but also their peers.

What is UNICEF doing to protect Nicaraguan children?
Harmon: A lot. UNICEF is training teachers and adolescents and church leaders to raise awareness and create protective environments for kids.

UNICEF is also helping Nicaragua get better statistics on the problem and develop a real time monitoring system to respond to commercial and sexual exploitation.

And really, everything UNICEF does to improve children’s lives makes children and families less susceptible to traffickers.

How did the trip leave you feeling?
Harmon: Inspired. Empowered. Energized. It was amazing to watch these Nicaraguan teens taking the lead, mentoring their peers, showing true leadership. We’re making real progress, in Nicaragua and elsewhere, but we’ve got to keep fighting.


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Angie visited the SiriusXM Studios today, January 29, 2014. I’ve added images of Angie at the SiriusXM Studios to the gallery

Public|Events Appearances > 2014 > Celebrities Visit SiriusXM Studios

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Below I’ve embed a few of Angie interviews she did today!

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I’ve added additional HQ stills of Angie Harmon from on Hollywood Game Night into the gallery. I’ve also added screencaps.

Television Projects > Guest Appearances > Hollywood Game Night – 2×03 – How I Met Your Buzzer (Stills)
Television Projects > Guest Appearances > Hollywood Game Night – 2×03 – How I Met Your Buzzer (Caps)

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I’ve added an HQ stills of Angie Harmon from her January 27 at 8pm Hollywood Game Night episode into the gallery.

Television Projects > Guest Appearances > Hollywood Game Night – 2×03 – How I Met Your Buzzer (Stills)

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Actress and Charlotte resident Angie Harmon lobbied the Charlotte City Council on Thursday to support a proposal to redevelop the Eastland Mall site into movie studios.

Harmon said she is now a board member of Studio Charlotte Development, a group led by local movie executive Bert Hesse that seeks to remake Eastland.

“I can bring insight into the business,” said Harmon, who has been a TV and film star for nearly 20 years. “I begged (Studio Charlotte) them to let me be a part of it.”

Harmon, best known for her role in “Law & Order,” spoke to a handful of council members at an economic development committee meeting. The meeting was designed to give council members an update on several projects, including Eastland.

Studio Charlotte Development has asked the city for the 80-acre Eastland site for free as well as city and county incentives worth $24.7 million. The incentives and the land would be worth about $38 million.

Under the proposal, the city and county would give Studio Charlotte Development property tax rebates for a 10-year period based on new tax revenue the project would generate. One problem, however, is that the developer needs more money for upfront costs than the project will initially generate in tax revenue.

“Even with county participation in the tax increment grant … (it) appears to be insufficient to cover required infrastructure costs,” a city memo said.

Another hurdle is in Raleigh. The state currently has a generous 25 percent tax credit for TV and film productions, but it’s unclear if the General Assembly will vote to continue the incentives.

The city’s economic development director, Brad Richardson, said Thursday that the city is still working with the group, trying to get more details on its financing and needs.

“They have not refined their construction costs so we can’t do any due diligence,” Richardson said.

The committee is expected to hear more about the project in February.

Harmon said she is friends with Barbara McKay, the senior vice president for Studio Development Charlotte and a local television host. Harmon, who said she has lived in Charlotte for four years, said one benefit to the project would be the ability for NASCAR drivers to film commercials and other work locally rather than having to travel.

McKay said the project would generate “jobs, jobs, jobs” for the area.

Council member Vi Lyles said after the meeting she enjoyed meeting Harmon. But she said Harmon’s support of the project doesn’t necessarily mean she is more likely to support the project.

The city bought the mall for $13.2 million in 2012.


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We have a date for Angie’s episode of Hollywood Game Night. It will premiere on January 27, 2014 at 8pm EST.

THE STARS FACE OFF FOR ANOTHER LEGENDARY NIGHT OF COMPETITION — Two contestants will lead a team of three celebrities, which include Cobie Smulders, Taran Killam, Henry Winkler, Angie Harmon, Mayim Bialik and Mark Feuerstein in hopes of winning the $25,000 grand prize. A series of unique party games will bring out the best, funniest and most competitive sides of some of Hollywood’s most beloved stars in this hilarious no-holds-bar competition hosted by Jane Lynch.

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Ed Royce posted on his official Facebook that Angie will be the keynote speaker for his 6th Annual Women’s Conference on Saturday, March 15, 2014.

I am excited to announce that Angie Harmon will deliver the keynote speech at my 6th Annual Women’s Conference. An accomplished model, actress, and UNICEF Ambassador, Angie will speak about her work to end human trafficking. Visit Royce.house.gov/womensconference to learn more.

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